Seeking Spirit, Seeking Art

Topaz Spiral Heart with Rumi

One year ago, I felt like I had lost my spirit and my sense of Spirit.  I had worked so hard to find her before, and it was as if she had slipped through my fingers again.  I was in a deep depression and often felt like darkness was encroaching.

 As the months went by, I searched and found spirit in small moments:  through moments in nature, through dance, through painting, through wrapping wire around stones.  The frequency of those moments grew, fed by my desire to build a new life for myself.  It was new, and at the same time, it had its roots in my childhood, when my artroom was my main playground.  I decided that it was time to truly commit to my art.  It was time to follow the path that I had hesitated to take time after time, thinking that I should perhaps pursue something else.

Now, a year later, I have more moments of discovery.  My life is a process of seeking and finding my own spirit, and the greater Spirit around me.  Art is, and has always been, a part of my life.  Life is art.  I seek, I lead, I create, and I follow.


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