First arts & crafts fair!

My first arts & craft fair yesterday was unfortunately interrupted by the weather, intense gusts of wind that threatened to topple over my entire display.  Also, it was unseasonably cold for Albuquerque in May.

Necklaces and earrings display
             Necklaces and earrings display

However, I did it!  I learned so much about how to prepare and what to expect.  I made a few sales, too.  I met other vendors and make some good connections.  I need to practice setting up the table and display – I didn’t anticipate the amount of time it would take.

Necklace display
        Necklace display

I’ve had fun gathering my display items together – I found a few pieces at yard sales, one at a discount store, and I gathered the branches from a local park.  I’ve been enjoying looking at objects in a different way and imagining how I can repurpose them.  I absolutely love the dish that I used to show off my rings:

Spiral ring display
                          Spiral ring display

While it was disappointing to have the fair end so abruptly, I’m really grateful to now have a solid inventory of jewelry.  It’s been good for me to get into the rhythm of creating.   I’m looking forward to future craft fairs – and hopefully, if they’re outside, the weather will cooperate.


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