New cards!

I’m loving these new cards I made – I used a Gelli Printing Plate to add to or create most of these images. The exception is the roses card, which I painted using watercolors. printed cards

They’re small – 3 1/2″ x 4 7/8″ – and could be perfect for thank you or just “I’m thinking of you” notes.


Ways to Make a Wish Card
     Ways to Make a Wish Card
A woman at a recent craft fair, looking at the wish bone illustration on this card (second row on the right):

“You know, wish bones have worked for me every time.  I grew up on a farm so we often had wish bones.  I kept wishing for a horse.  It took several years, and then finally, my parents got me a horse.  You know what I named her?  ‘Wishbone!'”

You can find my wish card here.