Jewelry and print sets now on Etsy!

Long time, no update. I’ve been busy taking biology classes, dancing, and more. And then the whole quarantine thing happened…

I’ve been sorting through my jewelry and art inventory lately. With no craft fairs on the horizon due to COVID-19, I’ve started posting some pieces and sets on my Etsy page again.

So I came up with the idea to list several jewelry pieces (like earrings or necklaces) together in the same listing and have customers choose which pair or piece they want. The sets will also come with a small print, some stickers, and perhaps more. Sort of a grab bag assortment with some options and some surprise, all at a reduced price. I call them “Choose your own adventure” sets.

This is the complete set for one customer, who chose the copper floral earrings with obsidian. Her package came with a print, gift tags, some stickers (not shown), and two cards from the first proof of my oracle card deck.

jewelry and art set

Another customer chose these Celtic and amethyst earrings, and also received a print, stickers, a wirewrapped ring, and several oracle cards.

jewelry and art set 2

While these particular earrings are no longer available, I have other jewelry pieces available in this section of my Etsy shop here.

The prints and the stickers should be in stock — just make sure to request which ones you’d prefer when you order (and I can surprise you, too!). I only have one copy of each oracle card, but if you want a certain theme, I’ll tell you what I have available from my proof set so I can include it in the package. (Some ideas of what’s in my oracle card deck.)

Also, one piece of jewelry, a print, stickers, and more is only $18.50 (tax not included)! I doing only U.S. based orders at the moment.

So if you’d like some of my work, now’s the time! Go to my Etsy site and check it out!


Etsy update poll

Long time, no see.

If you have time (and have Facebook), I’d love for you to take my poll on what kinds of items you’d like to see in my shop. It’s been a while since I last did a full-fledged update, and I have some new inventory. So please, follow this link and vote!

Commenting on this post is also welcome.

What would you like to see? More necklaces or pendants? Ornaments and suncatchers? Earrings? Cards and prints? Bracelets? Something else?

You can also visit my Instagram or Facebook page to see some of my latest designs.



2016: Artistic accomplishments

It’s been awhile since I last posted. I hope to give more of an update soon, and perhaps post about my artistic goals for the next year.

First, I wanted to share some of my artistic wins from this year through images:

Participated in an artist card exchange


Released my oracle card deck!

Oracle Card archetypes

Participated in several craft fairs, including two in my new home in the Las Vegas, NV area.


Sold 12 items on Etsy.

Turtle bracelet, from August

Got married! (not artistic, exactly, but relationships are an art unto themselves)

October 9, 2016, photo credit Adam Durant

Turning towards the holidays: updates!

Etsy update
A few of the items I’ve added to my Etsy shop!

Major Etsy update:  I now have 45 items in my shop. Check out my Shop Updates for a coupon code for free shipping for the holidays!

I sent out my first e-newsletter!  If you’d like to be on my mailing list, sign up here.

More of the items included in my Etsy update:


As for myself, I’m excited to see my love over this coming Thanksgiving weekend.  I’ve managed to do a majority of my holiday shopping already, so I’m looking forward to cozying in…and hopefully selling a few things online!

September 1st Snapshots

I had the realization that business social media account-wise, I tend to post a lot on Instagram, occasionally on Facebook, sometimes on Pinterest, and rarely here.  My intention is to start blogging more.

I’ve been working hard – prolifically making jewelry, figuring out prices, planning for my next craft show (on September 13!), editing my digitized oracle cards on Photoshop, putting up a few new items on Etsy, and getting ready to go away for Labor Day weekend to visit my love.

So, here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to recently:

Brass Flowers with Lapis Lazuli Leaves Earrings
I found these brass flowers at a local bead shop/art gallery and knew I had to make them into earrings.  Brass Flowers with Lapis Lazuli Leaves Earrings.  Up on Etsy here.
Triangular turquoise in sterling silver
Triangular turquoise in sterling silver.  Also on Etsy.  Seen here with  a beautiful piece of selenite, one of my recent favorites from my stone collection.
Ways to Make a Wish Card - I see this as a birthday or general encouragement card. It's blank inside. Here on Etsy.
Ways to Make a Wish Card – I see this as a birthday or general encouragement card. It’s blank inside. Here on Etsy.
Collage/mixed media piece in progress. I wonder what it will become.
Collage/mixed media piece in progress. I wonder what it will become.  At this point, I know it will have more layers, but I’m not sure beyond that.  There’s something really soothing about creating with glue and paper.
I took this photo early Sunday morning. I woke up because the moon was still so bright, and then decided to get up and take this picture.
I took this photo early Sunday morning. I woke up because the moon was still so bright, and then decided to get up and take this picture.
Moonglow, Sunday night
Moonglow, Sunday night.  I came back home after seeing live music, and turned around to see this.  The picture doesn’t capture the full beauty, but it does capture some of its essence.

Creative time and new items up on Etsy

Etsy items 8:10
               New Items in my Etsy shop!

On Saturday, I spent the day mostly offline.  In the morning, I went down to the Rio Grande and took a walk.  I also spent some time just sitting by the river.  Then, I came home and created up a storm:  I made prints, jewelry, and a watercolor painting.  I was really grateful for this time:  after all the busyness of the past few weeks, it felt wonderful to call a time out of sorts.  I need to take intentional time offline more often –  it allows me more space to dream and to refill my energy reserves.

Nature and river
From my time by the river

I also took some time this weekend to write out a few new listings on Etsy, and posted them this morning.  You can find them here.

Update and Sale on Etsy

Etsy assortment
Now on Sale on Etsy!

I have a weeklong Nia (dance fitness) intensive training starting on July 25.  I’m nervous and excited.   Dance is another one of my creative outlets, and it also is great exercise.  In the meantime, from today through July 23, I’m having a sale on Etsy – 15% off with the coupon code NEWFOLLOW.  I just added a few new items to my shop, too.

Also, I’m looking into printing some of my drawings and two-dimensional art pieces to make them into cards and larger prints.  I just ordered one set (for proof purposes) of my oracle cards and should get them next week.  Exciting times!